Stealth Bros Support Fund

In 2017, the Stealth Bros Support Fund was founded out Braxton's love for his LGBTQIA community. Originally, Stealth Bros & Co. was founded to assist Braxton with the costs of his own top surgery and to foster a thriving trans community. The company performed so well in its first year that Braxton earned enough money for his own top surgery and the top surgery of another trans man in need. He realized then that Stealth Bros & Co.'s products filled a larger void in the community than he had expected.

After the company achieved enough financial success, Braxton felt compelled to give back to his community after witnessing the tremendous support and growth that SB&C had received. Now, the company regularly provides funds through customer donations to individuals in need of assistance to achieve their gender affirming goals.

In 2023, two individuals will receive $500 each to help afford Gender Affirming Finances, GAHT materials, and/or transitioning goods (Binders/Packers/Etc...).

Stealth Bros & Co. wants to provide funds for people who need them the most. There are no other special requirements. When filling out the application below, please be specific about where the funds will be used, and tell us a little about yourself and what brought you here.

The Founder of Stealth Bros & Co., Braxton Fleming, will read and assess every single entry and select the top 10, after which a random lottery will finalized. Thank you all for your continued support of Stealth Bros & Co. 


SBSF 2024

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Thank you all for your patience & continued support of Stealth Bros & Co.

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