About Stealth Bros & Co


Braxton T. Fleming (he/him) stands as a groundbreaking figure, marked not only by his historic achievement as the first Black Trans Man to secure a spot on 'Shark Tank' but also as the dynamic CEO and visionary Founder of Stealth Bros. & Co. This enterprise redefines the concept of personal storage, offering both luxurious travel and at-home solutions for hormone replacement therapy and other essential medical items. 

Stealth Bros. & Co. isn't just a company; it's a force of change within the daily-use medical/personal supplies industry. By infusing elegance into sharps containers, it champions a shift away from stigma and towards empowerment, ensuring those who rely on these personal items stand proud.

It all started within Braxton's own bedroom in 2017, a testament to his unwavering determination to fund his own top surgery. Yet, Braxton's mission extends far beyond personal endeavors. Fueled by an unwavering passion for giving back, Stealth Bros. & Co. actively encourages contributions to support members of the LGBTQ+ community in times of need.

Recognized as a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise by NGLCC, Braxton T. Fleming, a trailblazing trans person of color, embodies the spirit of representation, inspiration, and upliftment. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he aspires to illuminate the path for fellow trans individuals, forging a brighter future for all.


At Stealth Bros. & Co., our mission is to empower our clientele to feel secure, well-organized, and confident, all while expressing their unique style. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of individuals who rely on any medical or personal need, ensuring they can comfortably embrace their health and well-being in any setting.



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