Top Surgery Support Fund

Stealth Bros & Co. wants to help the community on which it was founded on, with each Dopp 15% of sales goes to our Top Surgery Support Fund. Although we would love to afford the full cost of one’s Top Surgery, our business is just getting started and can only aid in ones’ Top Surgery. We wish to aspire one day to raise enough funds each year to fully cover the total cost of someone’s Top Surgery. Our TSSF will aide someone with helping to complete their remaining cost of surgery. This will ensure that the funds are going directly to a board-certified surgeon and are used appropriately. We thank you all for your continued support. 

Rules to enter:

1. Must Be 18 years old or older
2. Pre-Op – Top Surgery
or Had Surgery Within the Last Year (2018) with a remaining balance 🙂
3. LGBTQ Community
4. Must have a scheduled date for Top Surgery with a board-certified surgeon
5. Must have proof of remaining balance on Top Surgery Bill
6. If all criteria are met you may send an email with information stated below:
-Subject Must State: Top Surgery Applicant 

-Preferred Name 

-Legal Name

-IG Handle

-Date of Birth

-Home Address

-Telephone Number

-Top Surgeon MD Name / Office / Location / Telephone Number

-Minimum of 250 words describing why this TSSF is important to you

-Receipt with remaining balance from MD sent as attachment 



*If directions are not followed as stated above will be disqualified

*All other questions about TSSF must have a Subject Title: TSSF Inquiry -If not titled correctly, will be not be addressed

*Amount of donation will reveled at time of Winner Announcement 

Last Entry Can Be Submitted by December 20th 2018 – Stealth Bros 1 Year Anniversary

Winner Will Be Contacted Dec 31st 2018 via Email/Phone/IG-DM

Winner Will Be Announced on Jan 4th 2019 



Now Let's Help Someone In Need With Their Top Surgery!!