Stealth Bros Support Fund

Stealth Bros & Co. is a company that specializes in HRT Dopp Kits for the transgender community. We want to be able to give back to the LGBTQ Community in more ways than one. In the year of 2018 we were able to raise 2500$ to aid in someones Top Surgery Expenses. 

In coming years, we want to take our Support Fund to another level and giveback in more ways than one! Our Support Fund, will aid in other opportunities such as Name/Gender Changes, HRT Supplies, Aid Surgery Expenses etc... Stealth Bros & Co. ultimately wants to be able to give back to multiple individuals each year. Portion of proceeds from sales will be tallied each month into our fund to help it continue to grow.

We have also teamed up with other organizations such as Point Of Pride, and BlackTransTV to reach more individuals in need throughout the year. We plan on expanding our partnerships to help reach as many LGBTQ individuals in need.


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This Round Of Applications Will be Accepted from 8.24.19-2.2419

Thank you all for your continued support of Stealth Bros & Co.

 2018 Winner

August 2019 Winner


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