Company Description

Company Overview

Stealth Bros. & Co. is a luxury Dopp Kit supply company that provides travel and at home personal storage for hormone replacement therapy and other medical necessities. The company was launched in 2017 from the Founder's childhood home to raise money for his own top surgery and to create a way to become an an active member of the transgender community. Out of that drive we created an Annual Stealth Bros Support Fund by aiding in financial support in our community's transitional jorneys. Today, Stealth Bros. and Co. continues to grow and serve the transgender and allied communities, as well as IVF and diabetic communities, among others.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to make our clientele feel safe, neat and discreet with our products all while being able to express themselves as individuals. We want to transform the lives of individuals who are taking their daily, weekly or bi-weekly injectables to feel comfortable wherever they are.