Company Description

     Stealth Bros & Co is a Luxury Supply Company founded by Braxton T. Fleming CEO in late 2017. This started as a project in his childhood home to generate a fashionable way to house his medication and create funds for his top surgery goals. Fleming had his back against the wall to make a change in his life for the better and took a risk, maxing out his credit cards on product to create his vision for our communities in need. The company has tiered into many different products including the Original Dopp, Jr. Dopp, and Sharp Shuttles. Stealth Bros & Co is an asset to many different communities by revolutionizing and innovating medical storage. 

    Fleming has brought on a team of creative minds to attribute to the brand. Moon Beast Industries, a creative design company owned and operated by Miko Colon has been Fleming’s go to company since before the product launch. Colon has attributed to branding, photography, videography, and graphic design. Most recent additions to the SBC Creative Content Board are the following members. Aidan J. Faiella  of Faiella Photography, Faiella has been an avid member of the entrepreneurial community and a photographer/videographer with experience over the last decade between special events and lifestyle photography. Ben Collongues, of Ben Collongues Photography, whom is based out of New Orleans also does multiple different styles of shoots over his tenure as a photographer. Kristian Demery is a US Veteran self made Photographer and Videographer whom has also soared SBC to new and innovative creative levels. Lastly, his fiancé Britney Bennett who has enriched all major creative design decisions and has been the Mother to Stealth Bros & Co's journey.